The Next Agile Dialogs

Towards the end of the day, we explored other possible topics and then gathered input on what may be good candidates for the next Agile Dialogs unconference. The call for people to join us may not exactly reflect the way these are worded. the number behind each is the number of votes it received. (Those with no numbers received no votes.)

Imposed vs Invitational Agile (Transformation) – 5

Pairing/Sharing Work/Swarming – 4

Leader as Servant, Facilitator, Controller, or Overseer? – 3

Does Colocation Matter? Is it feasible? – 3

Agile Assessments and Maturity – 3

Kill the Performance Review – 2

Approaches to Scaling Agile – 2

Hierarchies vs Other Organizational Structures (or are Hierarchies of Humans Natural?) – 2

What is “After” Agile? – 1

Games? Gasification? Good or Bad for Work? – 1

Dangers of Having Experts – 1

Titles Matter: “Master”, “Owner”, “Resources” – 1

Promise & Peril of the Various “DDs” – TDD, ATDD, BDD

Certification vs Learning; Which Certifications (if any) Are Ideal?

Introverts/Extroverts – Does it Matter?

Organizational Culture/Structures That Enables Dysfunction to Thrive

Change Agents vs Change Resistants

Agile: Strategy or End-Game?

Assume Agile or Understand Agile?

Managers: Hindrance or Enablers?

Release Planning – Necessary?