17.1 Schedule

Our schedule for the 17.1 Agile Dialogs based on our theme:

For getting to the organizational Agility you want, which works better: an intentional transition defined and pushed by the management of the organization or a co-created approach among those impacted?”

0800 Registration

0830 Welcome

0845 Opening Reflective Question

What choices do you allow people to make as they transition to the use of an Agile approach?

0900 Your Transformation Stories
Describe your successes in Agile transformation?
How did you plan for this success?
By what yardsticks are these measured?
What do we do when we have a failure when we expected a success? (Small or large)

1015 Break

1030 Agile Transformation/Adoption Approaches
How do we get people to try out Agile practices? In what ways do we coax them?
How much time are they allowed to take to make changes in the way they work?
How do we measure progress in our Agile transformation? In what ways do we allow this to reflect on the individuals in our organization?

1145 Lunch

1300 “Off the Rails”
Based on your plans and measurements, how do you determine if your approach is not working out? What do you do?
What interventions do you do?
What effect does your interventions have?

1415 Break

1430 “What do you hear?”
Now that we have identified the how we achieve success, how we approach change, and what we do when things aren’t going well…
For approaches that are establishing an approach for everyone to follow in the organization’s transformation, what do we hear from people that indicates people (managers or working level) aren’t on board?
For approaches that allow everyone a say in how they will approach the organization’s transformation, what do we hear from people (managers or working level) when things aren’t progressing as they feel it should?

What entrenchments in position happen? What side effects does this cause?
When we have helped people move on, what caused that to happen?

1545 Break

1600 Assumptions
What assumptions are we making for people desiring to pull towards working in an Agile manner?
What assumptions are we making that cause us to think giving them a push towards working in an Agile manner will help?

1700 Retrospective + Networking Happy Hour Hour

1830 or so: Dinner plans for further conversations can occur as desired 🙂