Exploring the Second Agile Dialogs Theme

You have probably seen that this Agile Dialogs’ topic will be

“For getting to the organizational Agility you want, which works better: an intentional transition defined and pushed by the  management of the organization or a co-created approach among those impacted?”

This has a lot of implications to explore:

Will your transition be pre-planned phases of improvement? Or will it be emergent in nature?

How will the people in your organization participate in the direction your Agile transformation will take? What decisions are in their control? Do they get any say?

Where is the origin for the desire to change? Is this a top-down initiative or a bottom-up? Or is it some mix?

What is driving your desire to make this transition to using Agile approaches? How well has this been communicated or socialized within your organization?

Do your people need to be pushed a bit to make the change? Would they pull their way into making the change happen?

How much resistance has been occurring? How have you been overcoming it?

This is just some of the directions this topic could take in our schedule, based on a World Café style set of discussions.